Representative Mike Kelly from PA

I don’t know the man, but I like the sentiment.


I’m beginning to think that a major issue with congress is a lack of specific goals and accountability. Where else could you have a job that requires you to finish a task at a specific time, but allows you to extend that time, alter the requirements for the task, or just ignore the task because people won’t like the answer? It would not be an effective way to run any organization.

I am sick of having a government that refuses to be financially responsible (or even to run the country) because they are too busy with partisan political posturing for the media. Many of our elected representatives are currently allowed to play at brinksmanship in order to ensure continuing press coverage (free advertising complete with rhetoric) for their parties. This becomes problematic when it is granted a higher priority than actually getting something done. So if there isn’t time to both waggle your finger in the press and produce legislation, since there is little accountability, Congress gets the option to pick which priority to service. Lately the balance is pretty slanted to finger waggling…

However, I do enjoy the fact that, if they cannot agree on legislation, they cannot spend more of my money than they currently¬† do…


2 Responses to “Representative Mike Kelly from PA”

  1. Dread Pirate Roberts says:

    Good sentiment indeed We ought to get a vote every couple of decades to completely change out congress. You know throw them all out. Sure some stuff might not run as smoothly and some projects might get inappropriately dropped, however I am really trying to see where the down side would be and maybe just maybe we could vote enough new people in quickly enough to stymie the lobbyists for a year or two and vote in some accountability . Love the blog where else can you get linux help and instructions on a John Deere oil filter. !

  2. EvilT says:

    Maybe we could enact some form of modified Athenian Ostracism. Stratify the members of congress first by their tendency to follow party line voting, then 2 by their years of tenure. Weight the longest sitting and least independent thinkers at the top of the list, then select randomly (with those at the top of the list having the higher probability of selection) one or two, nationalize their possessions and ostracize them for the customary ten years… ;)

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