Care and feeding of OpenCore on an old 2008 or 2009 Mac Pro. Run new MacOS on old hardware

Original site for Opencore install

Quick guide to installing OpenCore on a Classic Mac Pro (cMP)


Periodic Updates to OpenCore

Opencore site to look for updated versions
Download the new version of open core, inside the archive you will find an a program called clover configurator, run it. The EFI partition mounting button on the left hand side of the menu.

Mount the EFI partition (that contains boot/data etc…) in clover configurator, then replace the contents of the BOOT and OC folders on the EFI partition with the new ones from the OpenCore file downloaded from updated versions below.
Do a factory reset (hold the power button 20 seconds till LED flashes)

Update MacOS under OpenCore

To install/update OS
* mount the EFI partition in clover
* open the config.plist in the OC folder
* Change CPUid1Mask from all AAAAAAAAAAAAAA* to match the CPUidData of AAAAAAAAACAAAAAAA* (around line 305)
* locate updateSMBIOS key in EFI/OC/Config (around line 988)
* Change value to false
* Reboot
* install update
* Reboot
* mount the EFI partition in clover
* reverse the 2 changes above
* Reboot

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