RSS/Atom feed URL for PHPBB including actual link for software announcements

From the PHPBB docs below…

To get the official raspberry pi software announcements feed the URL is:


Open feed by URL
An example feed URL for use in a browser that support feeds or in a feed reader is:

Post-based feed Settings
Number of items = X (default 10).

Enable board-wide feed = Feed with X most recent posts from all topics in all forums.
URL = feed.php

Enable per-forum feeds = Feed with X most recent posts from all topics in the selected forum.
URL = feed.php?f=[ForumID]

Enable per-topic feeds = Feed with X most recent posts from the selected topic.
URL = feed.php?f=[ForumID]&t=[TopicID]

Topic-based feed settings
Number of items = Y (default 15).

Enable new topics feed = Board wide feed with the first post of Y most recent topics in all forums.
URL = feed.php?mode=topics

Enable active topics feed = Feed that shows Y last posts, not older then 7 days, for forums that have “Display active topics” enabled.
URL = feed.php?mode=topics_active
7 days = set in feed.php (can be changed by editing and install the modified feed.php file, refresh your browser cache):

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