Therapure TPP300D – notes and replacement parts

So I’m archiving everything I can find here as the website doesn’t include any info on this air filter anymore.

Per the link below this bulb can be crossed to a Philips TUV 8W UV-C Bi-Pin T5 bulbĀ  299305. The generic referred to below is a 29930-5, which strange enough is more expensive on Amazon than the actual Philips 299305 bulb. Which appears to be an order of magnitude cheaper on ($3.95 vs. $13.95 on Amazon).

So it is not a true HEPA filter.

The CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) for Room Air Filters are broken down into three ratings where larger values are better performers:
1) Tobacco Smoke 10 to 450 CADR
2) Pollen 25 to 450 CADR
3) Dust 10 to 400 CADR

This product rates at:
Smoke: 137
Pollen: 155
Dust: 132

As you can see not all allergens are filtered by this unit.

It’s easy enough for you to purchase a 3M Filtrete Elite Allergen Reduction Filter 2200 MPR, used for HVAC systems, and use a wire cutter, to cut the filter to the desired size, using the Therapure Air filter as a template. Then tear out the Hepa Type filter and secure the new 3M filter within it’s filter frame. Insert to the filter (making sure that the direction of the filter is correct – shown on arrow on the 3M filter). Make sure you seal around the edges to make sure air does not leak past.

HVAC Filters use a different rating system than Portable Filter Systems, but to estimate: HVAC Filters use a MERV rating system from 4-20, greater being better performer. 3M’s Allergenic Filter is rated at 12, which is the highest for this class of material product and an excellent MERV Value.
Based on the ratings above, the TPP300D would probably be a MERV value of 8.

And some more

The filter size is 12.5 x 15. It’s a weird size, so yeah, you’re gonna have to cut it. 3M has a Filtrete in a 15 x 20 size, so that would be good to start with (you only have to cut one side), but they don’t have that size for the 2200 MPR. They carry the 1900 MPR in that size, but you have to buy a 6-pack to get it. Amazon doesn’t carry that size. I know Walmart carries the 1500 MPR in that size in a single pack.

If you want the same filter that came with the purifier, I know you can get filter replacements by calling Envion at 1-800-875-8577. The total cost for a filter is $39.94 including shipping. You just provide the model number TPP300D, and they will ask you for your address and payment info. They give you an estimated shipping time of 21 days, but they say it’s usually sooner. Then they’ll provide you with an order confirmation number.

And finally a review that had links to replacement parts:

This model is Rare in that it covers pretty much all areas of filtration. It has a cleanable HEPA filter. (Not True HEPA but very close) It also uses Two 8 Watt Germicidal UV Bulbs (UV-C) at (253.7 nm wavelength) these have been been proven to work in numerous studies and these bulbs are also used in Water filtration systems and are effective at eliminating microorganisms such as virusus, bacteria, mold and yeast. You can by cheap replacements here:

Since the bulbs last about 6000 hours most likely your bulbs need to be replaced. You can check if they’re working with a Watt meter. These bulbs draw an extra 16 Watts when on and almost 0 watts when burned out. If your filter is running but the wattage does not climb when the bulbs are turned on your need to replace them. You can also see a very faint purple glow if the room is 100% pitch dark (NEVER look at the bulb with the cover off very damaging to the eyes) Not only are these bulbs Germicidal and kill mold and viruses they also shine on a built in Photocatalyst filter. This is amazing design as the Photocatalyst filter (most likely uses a titanium dioxide catalyst) which removes VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) such as household chemicals like toxic paint, chemical emissions from new carpet, and indoor air pollution. So not only do you have a particulate filter but also a mold , mildew, virus filter AND an Organic Vapor filter.

So change your Bulbs if they need it as they do more than you know.

Also the 300D has a large gap between the filter and the Filter cover. This allows room for adding an Activated Carbon Filter. You can get some here and theres enough material to make over 3 carbon filters with it:

The squirrel cage fan on these units can handle the extra active carbon filter as squirrel cage blowers don’t draw more energy when restricted, they draw slightly less. They work by centrifugal force, the air is basically thrown away from the center of the wheel at a high velocity that in turn causes a suction reaction. If the filter gets clogged or you add a carbon filter it creates slightly more vacuum so theres less air to toss and the motor draws less current preventing a burnout.

This unit also includes and ION generator. (Note the difference between ION generators and Ozone generator:

QUOTE: Ionizers utilize high voltage to add electrons to molecules and, in the case of air ionizers, the electrons are added to components of air, including oxygen. Negatively charged oxygen molecules are unstable and rapidly interact with other molecules with the reaction usually releasing oxygen. However, ionizers do not generate the amount ozone typical of ozone generators. Negatively charged ions may bind to and charged particles in the air or environment and help with neutralization or elimination.

So this unit may produce minuscule amounts of ozone (if you have the ION turned on) it’s nothing like a dedicated Ozone generator.

The unit will also produce very minuscule amounts of ozone from the bulbs light hitting the titanium dioxide catalyst plate on this machine. The amounts are so tiny you can’t smell them and are too small to be of any concern.

Overall for the price these are amazing machines. As for replacing the Main Filter. These are particulate filters, They catch particles in the air. As long as you can vacuum them, and they don’t restrict the air flow, don’t bother changing them until you notice an airflow restriction and reduced air flow. My 11 year old main filters still works perfectly. On this machine you really don’t need to replace particulate filters if then are not clogged. They actually filter slightly better when used. Just don’t allow them to be clogged. Vacuum them when needed. This machine uses several other types of filtering methods for mold, mildew, viruses and Volatile Organic Compounds so make sure the bulbs are working! Don’t forget… You can add an activated carbon pre-filter for Cooking smells and other odors for $2-3 each!


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  1. jana bailey says:

    I am looking for a TheraPure TPP300D filter or any other parts for the unit.

  2. David Powell says:

    Amazingly evil content! I love this unit more than butter, had it for years and its still kicking dusts ass. Thanks for the bulb link!

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