MacOS Homebrew FFMPEG no longer has an all options. Here is how to install with all options

$ brew install ffmpeg $(brew options ffmpeg | grep -vE '\s' | grep -- '--with-' | tr '\n' ' ')

Update 2021-10-20: I found that the method above did not work for me in the Monterey beta. There was an older version
I believe to be less reliable (in ensuring that you have all the options, since they are hard-coded) 
that I've found elsewhere:
$ brew install nasm pkg-config texi2html aom fontconfig freetype frei0r gnutls lame libass libbluray libsoxr libvorbis libvpx opencore-amr openjpeg opus rtmpdump rubberband sdl2 snappy speex tesseract theora x264 x265 xvid xz ffmpeg



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