Adding AdGuard to Home Assistant on Hassio on Ubuntu 18.04

So you will run into a bit of a problem where the Ubuntu 18.04 underneath Hassio is already listening to port 53, so you cannot have a Hassio plugin also listening to port 53. The error I saw in the AdGuard log was:

[fatal] Couldn’t start forwarding DNS server, cause: couldn’t listen to UDP socket, cause: listen udp bind: address already in use

This method I found seems to work…

Disable and stop system-resolved service:
sudo systemctl disable systemd-resolved.service
sudo systemctl stop systemd-resolved

Then put the following line in the [main] section of /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf:

Delete the symlink /etc/resolv.conf:
rm /etc/resolv.conf

Restart network-manager:
sudo service network-manager restart

This may break VPN for some users.

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