Email addresses for spammers to pick up

I’m testing to see if adding a number of email addresses to this post will be sufficient to seed the spam mailing lists so these addresses will accumulate unsolicited spam. Everyone who can actually read should ignore this post. If you are a real human, I apologize for this interruption in your EvilTyrant experience, but I have some scraper-bot theories I want to test… :)

I wouldn’t reply to this unless you want to check to see if replies with attached email addresses seed spam too.

For information jobs available at a fictitious company send email to:

To get in touch with our imaginary accounting department send email to:

For more info please sent an email that will never be replied to at:

To buy ethereal spherical widgets created in a vacuum please contact:

If you find all this confusing and wish to send an email that will never be read please send email to:




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